SFF Urges All to Forward the Frontier at ISDC 2012

SFF Urges All to Forward the Frontier at ISDC 2012

Space Proponents Should Bring their Support for Settlement to D.C.


The National Space Society‘s 2012 International Space Development Conference will take place in Washington D.C. on May 24-28 and the Space Frontier Foundation enlists it’s members to bring the fight for space settlement to the nation’s capital. Join space industry leaders and help craft the future of the space industry by registering today at ISDC.NSS.org/2012.

ISDC has always been a key opportunity to further the commercialization and settlement of space. This year NewSpace champions Jeff Greason of XCOR Aerospace and Eric Anderson of Planetary Resources will be giving keynote speeches. Stephen Hawking was awarded the prestigious NSS Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award for his continued support of space settlement and in partnership with NASA Ames, the NSS once again held a Space Settlement Design Contest for students. The stage is clearly set for a new push for NewSpace and space settlement, and as the conference take place near the seat of government, we urge all space policy makers to come out in support.

“The National Space Society has long been a partner of the Space Frontier Foundation in the path toward settling the stars,” says SFF Executive Director William Watson, “and their annual International Space Development Conference reflects that partnership. Settlement technology, the commercial space industry and policy change have always been subjects that we at the Foundation have focused on and it’s good to see these subjects receiving continued support at National Space Society’s annual conference.”

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet Mercury 7 astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, hear NASA’s plan directly from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, meet the new NSS Executive Director Paul Damphousse and of course, meet up with many members of the SFF. Register at ISDC.NSS.org/2012/Register before May 20th as the price will increase onsite.