SETICon II is Just Around the Corner!

SETICon II is Just Around the Corner!

June 16, 2012 Blog, Partner News, Press Releases


Fuel Your Imagination with Space Science.

Though hosted by the SETI Institute, SETICon II is not just about discovering proof of life beyond Earth. It is a unique and entertaining public event that will fuel your imagination with the wonders of space science, inspire your endeavors in the space industry and introduce the amazing minds that are unraveling the secrets of the universe. With a lineup that includes Bill Nye The Science Guy, Author Mary Roach (Packing for Mars), NASA Astronauts Mae Jemison and Tom Jones, Google Lunar X PRIZE Senior Director Alex Hall and many more, this event is a must for all space enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. SETICon II takes place at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara on June 22-24. Register today at

As their website says, “There is no other event in the world like SETIcon that explores space and the human imagination through the lens of real science.” Everyone inolved with the Space Frontier Foundation shares a passion for space but even we occasionally need to look up from our work on business plans, political activism and engineering to see where we are headed. Panels such as “From Microscope to Telescope: Lightning Talks by SETI Scientists,” “Asteroids: Junkpiles or Resources for the Next Generation?” “Citizen Science: Can Science Harness the Power of 7 Billion,” and even “How to Survive an Alien Infection: Protecting the Planet from Extreme Biology” are sure to get your mind humming. These discussions could even help launch ideas for new space businesses, popularize the NewSpace movement and educate a new generation of space engineers.

Registration for SETICon II will be available online through June 20th and then again onsite. Be sure to check out the evening events such as the Gala Dinner Honoring Jill Tarter and the Friday Night Launch Party with the Kepler Mission band. Find out more at