Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 NewSpace Awards

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 NewSpace Awards

July 3, 2012 Press Releases

These Exceptional People and Companies are Paving Our Way to the Stars!

Join the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) in celebrating the winners of the 2012 NewSpace Awards at the NewSpace 2012 Awards Gala on July 28 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. This fun and fancy evening honors those far-seeing scientists, staunch journalists and bold pioneers for their amazing contributions to furthering the space frontier. In an exciting addition this year, the Yuri’s Night organization will also present the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award at the Gala! The “Academy Awards of Entrepreneurial Space” is the crowning affair of the NewSpace 2012 Conference and tickets are limited so reserve yours today at!


Kepler MissionVision to Reality Award: NASA’s Kepler Mission

This award is bestowed for outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a device, system or entity that helps open the space frontier. Kepler is literally unveiling new worlds we didn’t know existed on a budget that can be viewed as tiny by space standards. They’ve even infiltrated pop-culture in a way few NASA programs ever have by proving Tatooine exists! Dreams of planetary settlement abound when looking at Kepler mission data.


Bob Citron
Pioneer of NewSpace: Bob Citron 

This award is for early leaders of the NewSpace industry who have left a lasting legacy either through their own personal investment or the creation of a NewSpace business. Bob Citron, who helped create SpaceHab Inc., Kistler Aerospace Corp., and Lunar Transportation Systems Inc. (among others), has broken barriers between governmental and commercial space repeatedly throughout his life. His efforts paved the way for today’s space entrepreneurs.



Best Presentation of Space: TEDx

This award is for excellent ability in highlighting past and present events in space exploration and development in non-fiction projects. TEDx has become an exciting venue for discussing “ideas worth spreading” about space and exposing the general public to the latest space projects. TEDx has fostered such thought-provoking presentations as Jeff Greason’s “Rocket Scientist: Making Space Pay and Having Fun Doing It” and the TEDxMidtownNYC events hosted by the SFF.


Carol PinchefskyNewSpace Journalist: Carol Pinchefsky  

This award is for outstanding achievement in journalism spotlighting NewSpace. A self-described geek, Pinchefsky is a freelance writer who has frequently covered commercial space topics with insight and honesty. Her strong support, and often defense, of NewSpace has been a theme in her articles, at the SFF’s New York events and during her many years as Editor of, a site that advocates for space settlement and space entrepreneurialism.


Bruce PittmanService to the Frontier: Bruce Pittman

This award is given to someone who has dedicated exceptional volunteer service to the SFF. As a liaison between NASA and the SFF, Pittman is a lynchpin for our partnership with NASA and an indispensable source of advice. We also commend his undying support of commercial space and efforts to further it. His work inside and outside the SFF enriches us all.


Pete WordenSpirit of Yuri’s Night: Dr. Simon “Pete” Worden

Awarded by the Yuri’s Night organization, this award recognizes a person that embody the Yuri’s Night mission of using space and art to contribute to the future of humanity, both in space and on Earth.



Thanks to all our winners for strengtheningNewSpace through discoveries, engagement, enterprises and service!  

Be there to give a hearty round of applause to these winners at the NewSpace 2012 Awards Gala. You can find the Gala and conference details at