Jurvetson Gives a Truly Great Gift to SpaceX and it includes Gene Cernan

Jurvetson Gives a Truly Great Gift to SpaceX and it includes Gene Cernan

July 11, 2012 Press Releases

A Generous Gift


Photo via Steve Jurvetson’s Flickr account. Click image above to view in Flickr account.

Imagine Balboa being dressed down by Christopher Columbus. Or Davy Crockett being lectured by Daniel Boone. Or Wozniak being dismissed by Tesla. Painful, isn’t it?

Now you can imagine Elon Musk’s reaction during Gene Cernan’s testimony this past September where he referred to Musk and SpaceX’s efforts as part of a “pledge to mediocrity.”

Now imagine what it took for Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of the great Silicon Valley venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, to put together this gift: a picture of Musk’s Falcon launch signed by a host of Apollo astronauts. They’re congratulating him and the SpaceX team on their successes and wishing them well for the future. The signatures include Gene Cernan’s.

“I never read any of this in the news. Why doesn’t the press report on this?” Captain Cernan asked when Jurvetson told him the full story of SpaceX, including how Musk financed it with his own money. It’s a great question. The press is starting to take notice, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the forward progress that NASA, SpaceX and the United States are making. If Capt. Cernan is still finding it hard to get good information, how much harder is it for the rest of us?

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Steve Jurvetson will be speaking at the NewSpace 2012 Conference. Come and ask him about the journey it took to give this great gift!