Letter from the Executive Director #1.1

Letter from the Executive Director #1.1

This month, the Foundation made a number of great advances.

Both political parties published their platforms this month, to the great disappointment of the Foundation. Both parties are punting on the issue, showing a lack of vision and courage. The Foundation issued a statement for each party’s platform and they have gotten coverage from some of the great banners in journalism, including Popular Mechanics, one of the oldest publications dedicated to technology and society in America.

We tried a new tactic in the fight against the Senate Launch System (SLS) this month. We launched a contest on Facebook for our followers to contribute their own response to Congress’ hearings to find a purpose to for the new launch system. We plan on building on the success of this project; to participate in the future, “Like” us on Facebook.

The fight in the coming year over the Senate Launch System (SLS) is just getting started. If you want to help us, consider donating to the Foundation and select the “Communications” project.

The Teachers in Space project finished their workshops for the year and their NASA grant is renewed for another year. They had great success with the experiments designed by the participating teachers launched during the NewSpace Conference. There are many exciting upcoming developments; sign up for their monthly newsletter in the box to the left to follow their developments.

Following the success of the Business Plan Competition at the NewSpace Conference in late July, we started planning for the Student Business Plan Competition at SpaceVision this fall. More information on this is coming up soon, so stay tuned.