Spiking the Moon

Spiking the Moon

December 6, 2012 Press Releases

Boldly Going Where no Capitalist has Gone Before

Humanity took a giant leap toward the economic development of the Solar System with today’s unveiling of Golden Spike Corporation’s lunar exploration business.  Golden Spike today announced its plans to return humans to the surface of the moon by 2020 using existing rockets and spacecraft.  This demonstrates that American industry has the ability to take humans beyond earth orbit, and that American entrepreneurship and innovation can build on NASA’s historic achievements.

Golden Spike is the right name” said Jonathan Card, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation.  “Alluding to the first transcontinental railroad makes it clear that they are not planning single flight, flag and footprint missions.   Instead we see a strategy that utilizes existing infrastructure, and builds on that incrementally and sustainably.

Golden Spike’s plan utilizes multiple US commercial launch vehicles that are already in service launching commercial satellites, NASA missions, and Department of Defense satellites.  Its in-space hardware incorporates spacecraft that deliver cargo (and ultimately crew) to the International Space Station, as well as satellites throughout the solar system.  By using existing systems, Golden Spike should have astronauts on the surface of the moon before the end of the decade.

This demonstrates what the Foundation has been saying for a long time.” continued Mr. Card.  ”It is perfectly clear that the private sector is ready, willing and able to step up and deliver space capabilities that are dramatically cheaper, faster, safer and better than have been offered from the 1960’s to today.

The Space Frontier Foundation welcomes Golden Spike to the NewSpace community and wishes them well in their visionary endeavor.