Traffic Safety For Maryland Students – Need To Use Your Phone?

Traffic Safety For Maryland Students – Need To Use Your Phone?

December 12, 2012 Press Releases

So you’re 18 or 19 and you’re getting ready to go to college. Your driver’s license still has some fresh ink on it and you cannot truly say you are king of the roads in terms of trust and safety just yet. Don’t worry, practice will eventually make perfect, especially if you will be enjoying a sweet ride throughout your college years and you will get to drive everyday to and from campus or from your rental to class. One of the most important traffic and road safety matters we wanted to cover right now refers to using a phone while driving.


Texting/Talking On The Phone And Driving?


These are no longer matters of your teenaged high school past; as a college student majoring in business, you might have already started up your own entrepreneurship. And you are trying hard to stay focused on a 24/7 basis so you can see it grow. So one of your most handiest tools of choice is, needless to say, your pone. You use it to stay in touch with your business partners or sponsors/investors, you use it to answer your customer calls and get in touch with prospects. You have worked on some pretty good marketing strategies as far as you’re concerned, so know you are waiting for that phone to ring.

But how about killing two birds with one stone? The Addsource Company will provide you with a top phone call tracking service that will analyze the  performance of your marketing channels in relation to the number of times your business phone has rang thanks to these channels, record your valuable phone calls, keep reports of the geographical areas of your customers – using cloud technologies and other advanced tools. How can this make you stay safer in traffic? Because you will no longer need to worry gluing your phone to your palm. Look at their web site and decided whether you need their business phone line provider, cloud call center, or call tracking expertise and leave your phone into your pocket when driving for a change.