Letter From the Executive Director #1.5

Letter From the Executive Director #1.5

After the hustle and bustle of an amazing two months, this February was a relatively quiet time for NewSpace. But behind the scenes at the Space Frontier Foundation we are finalizing exciting plans to expedite the exploration and development of space-based industries. I’d like to step back for just a moment as Executive Director and instead ask for your input on a critical matter.

We are witnessing an amazing phenomenon: humanity stands poised on the cusp of the most momentous transition our species will ever make. This year will see major milestones in NewSpace and I believe by the end of this decade the first self-sustaining space-based industries could be up and running. The day is not that far off when the products and services flowing from space will become as culturally and economically indispensable to civilization as electricity is today.

Those of us on the younger side may one day be asked by small children if you really remember the olden days, the days when we lived and died on the dwindling resources of a single world. I have been told by those with a few more gray hairs the fond memory of those magical early years. When the words “For all the people on earth, the crew of Apollo 8 has a message we would like to send to you …” stirred them deep inside, as profound in their own way as “We hold these truths to be self evident,” or “I have a dream.”

It is your passion, your effort, your dreams and dreams of others like you that have contributed to the successes we’ve shared to date and those giant leaps for mankind sure to come. There are influential interests arrayed against us, good people for the most part, with significant political heft who prefer the status quo. Our job is to convince them otherwise and there we have a huge advantage: we live in a democracy where we can leverage our most important resource. That resource is you.

We need more of you. Sign up to hear from us.

A single like-minded individual who shares your dreams — and perhaps some of your fears — who might be willing to write a congressman, or pen an editorial to the local paper, or just send an encouraging email to another friend. That one single person can end up being more valuable to our Foundation and our future in space as every dollar in your wallet here on earth. We need lawyers, we need insurance case managers, we need video game developers, we need soldiers and airmen, men and women, young and old, we need people of every political stripe and of none.

I’m asking for any ideas you may have, as far outside of the box as you want to go, on how we might reach people who would be excited to join us in this great adventure that we are not reaching now. And I am asking you to consider forwarding this email to some friends who might share our goals, or simply asking them in person if they are interested in joining us. Rest assured this is not an idle thought. The Foundation is gearing up, right now, to leverage our grass roots people power. We have a plan, we are developing a strategy to see it through, and we staffing up on the experts who will manage it. To do that we’re going to need all the people power we can get. For good reason!

Our planet is beautiful and wondrous, but you and I understand it is also finite and our population continues to grow. There is a potential collision of sorts in our future, scientists’ debate exactly what it is or where it lies. But there is little controversy over one possible, grim result of an exponentially growing population limited to a single island, and this bleak fate may hold true regardless if that island is isolated in the South Pacific or sails through the vast ocean of space.

We believe time is of the essence, we believe we can see self-sustaining space-based industry by the end of this decade. We believe it is feasible, we believe it is profitable, but most of all we believe it is absolutely essential to our collective prosperity, and the Foundation cannot do it without more of you.

Submit any and all suggestions to info@spacefrontier.org and thank you.