The Surprising Effects Of A Safe Environment On The Brain

The Surprising Effects Of A Safe Environment On The Brain

April 17, 2013 Press Releases

What are your most beautiful memories you can recall right now? Do they belong to your childhood, when you felt safe and caressed in the arms of your parents? Are they from a more recent time, during a relationship that made you feel most loved and cared for? One example of a powerful and imprinting memory on one’s brain is that of a car accident – that time when the airbags opened and the passenger feels frightened, but at the same time most secure, knowing they have been saved by the hands of technology- and destiny.


Why Do We Need To Feel Safe


A large percentage of our work at the ATTAP concerns the development and permanent improvement of top-notch traffic technologies that can analyze problems and provide better solutions. We know how important fluid traffic is for drivers and passengers altogether and we have carefully studied the effects of stressful vehicle-related events on the road.  


These feel-safe memories we mentioned earlier involve the amygdala, the thalamus, hypothalamus, and hippocampus – areas of the brain referred to as the limbic area. They also control our physical responses to stressful factors such as an imminent threat on the road or a flat tire in the middle of the highway. In other words, the more peaceful, relaxed, ad safe we feel while behind the wheel, the most controlled and effective our reactions should be when faced with a genuine danger. Think how would you react if there would be dozens of cars around you on the highway, all speeding and driving chaotically, when a tire would suddenly explode – and think of the same tire exploding but while driving on a clear road, with no other perils around you. No matter what life chapter you would study – even the simple act of playing casino while using a 100% secure venue online – will make your brain react much better to unfortunate occurrences such as losing a large sum of money. Besides the frustration of having lost the money, you would also stress about the safety of your credit card data – should you be on a site that is not safe. A simple look at the about us page on a top casino wearing trustworthy security labels  – such as the ones the Australia-casino site is reviewing and recommending – will automatically make you feel more relaxed and eager to play. These guys have made things extremely transparent for you thanks to their unbiased reviews, updates, news, tips, and recommendations or tutorials.