Tomorrow’s Policy Changes Begin Today

Tomorrow’s Policy Changes Begin Today

December 17, 2013 Blog, Opinion, Our Policy Voice

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“The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty, a fad.”

President of Michigan Savings Bank, 1903

“I think there is a world market for about five computers.”

Chairman of IBM, 1943

“A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.”

New York Times, 1936

Futuristic, innovative, and world-changing ideas have, and always will receive negative feedback until it is made into a reality for everyone to see. We believe that the sustainable settlement of space is such an idea, and we’re determined to tackle the roadblocks one day at a time, believing that one day, we will be living and working in space, just as we do down here on Earth. Believe it or not, but policy changes are happening right before our eyes…our friends in the NewSpace Industry are fighting things like these, which you might have heard yourself:

“A private company mining an asteroid? Yeah, right.”

“The idea of taking a NASA astronaut on a commercial rocket is ludicrous.”

“Privately held space stations? I’ll believe that when pigs fly.”

“Reusable rockets at fixed-price contracts are impossible.”

But incremental steps are being taken, policy has been (and continues to be) introduced, and what was once impossible may soon be our reality. What issues are we working on currently to enable such a future?

  • The Settlement Enabling Test, a 21-point non-partisan measurement device that can measure every piece of our public space enterprise, including legislation, proposed missions, and beyond to quantitatively determine how “settlement-enabling” it is.
  • Increasing the commercialization of the International Space Station (ISS) by educating entrepreneurs, investors, and research institutions nation-wide on the benefits of utilizing the unique platform of ISS to conduct scientific research and commercial development in space, and ensuring that commercial access to the ISS remains a national priority.
  • Asking the tough questions on space property rights, to determine the best way that government and private institutions can develop the Moon and Mars.
  • Removing spacecraft from the ITAR munitions list, whether manned or un-manned, thus increasing the ability to have access to international markets just like iPhones and airplanes currently have.
  • Encouraging fair competition and results-based funding by ensuring that national space programs don’t become contractor-entitlement programs, but instead “earn their keep” and push us towards the future of space settlement.

Do these ideas matter to you as much as they do to us? Then support these game-changing ideas with your money, and become a “venture capitalist for social good.”

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