Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Humans2Mars Conference

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Humans2Mars Conference

April 10, 2014 Blog, Partner News, Press Releases

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Humans2Mars Conference

Urges Members to “Show the Space Settlement Flag” at Washington Event


Silicon Valley, CA – The Space Frontier Foundation urges its members and supporters to attend Explore Mars Inc.’s 2014 Humans2Mars (H2M) Summit in Washington, D.C. on April 22-24. Join us in letting our policy makers know how important human exploration and the settlement of Mars is to the future of both the U.S. civil space program and the human race.

“Mars beckons us to explore and eventually settle it. Mars is in our future, and it’s important to start having serious discussions about the right and wrong ways to do it,”said Space Frontier Foundation President James Pura. “The right way helps create a sustainable human presence in space; the wrong way leaves us with nothing but flags and footsteps, and risks never getting there at all. Explore Mars Inc. gets this distinction, and we are excited to co-sponsor their event.

The 2014 Humans2Mars Summit will be a highly interactive conference. In addition to the onsite audience, there will be over a thousand schools – and tens of thousands of individuals – from around the world viewing the event. While H2M will be based in Washington, DC, the goal is to create a worldwide Mars exploration event.

“Getting human footprints and life-sustaining systems on the surface of Mars has long been a dream of both of our organizations,” said Explore Mars Inc.’s CEO, Chris Carberry. “It is our hope that this conference facilitates and pushes the serious discussions that are necessary within Congress and the White House to make the eventual settlement of Mars a reality within the next two decades.”

The topics being discussed at the H2M Summit will include:

  • Mission architecture and challenges
  • Science goals and robotic precursor missions
  • US Competitiveness
  • Affordable approaches for Mars exploration
  • Planetary protection
  • International cooperation
  • Mars and STEM education
  • In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

Some of the speakers you will hear from at the H2M Summit:

  • Charles Bolden
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • William Gerstenmaier
  • Rick Tumlinson
  • Ellen Stofan
  • Charles Precourt
  • Michael Gazarik
  • Alan Stern
  • Julie Van Kleeck
  • Doug Cooke
  • Michael Raftery
  • Kent Rominger
  • Pete Worden
  • James Garvin
  • Rebecca Keiser
  • John Spencer
  • Rich Philips
  • Sam Scimemi
  • Pamela Conrad
  • Taber MacCallum
  • Miles O’Brien
  • Louis Friedman
  • Joe Cassady
  • Pascale Lee

To register for the conference, visit the H2M website at We look forward to seeing you at H2M!