Capitol Hill Policy Update for June 16th through June 22nd, 2014

Capitol Hill Policy Update for June 16th through June 22nd, 2014

June 14, 2014 Space Policy News

June 16th through June 22nd, 2014


Senate Attempting to Kill Commercial SpaceflightSenate

Senator Shelby is attempting to kill commercial spaceflight by proposing excessive and costly bureaucratic oversight. This oversight would significantly increase costs for private companies and push the Commercial Crew Program back even further.

NASA Authorization Bill Approved by House

The FY2014 NASA Authorization bill received nearly unanimous approval in the House. The bill restricts NASA from spending money on the Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM), and instead requires that they develop a report explaining and proposing the various aspects of the mission. The Senate continues to work on its version of the Authorization bill.

DoDFY2015 Defense Budget Request Includes Recommendations to Replace RD-180

In its draft of the FY2015 Defense Budget Request, the Appropriations committee has recommended adding $220 million to begin researching a U.S. replacement to the Russian RD-180. While the Senate Armed Services Committee agrees that a replacement must be developed, they recommended only $100 million for the development in the FY2015 National Defense Authorization Act.

Companies Allowed to Sell Higher Resolution Satellite Imagery

The Commerce Department recently changed their rules to allow companies to sell satellite imagery with resolution greater than 50 centimeters per pixel. The change enables U.S.-based remote sensing companies to remain competitive in an international market that does not have resolution restrictions.


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