Space Frontier Foundation Launches Teachers in Space, Inc.

Space Frontier Foundation Launches Teachers in Space, Inc.

October 23, 2014 Blog, Press Releases

Space Frontier Foundation Launches
Teachers in Space, Inc.

A New Generation of STEM Students Will Be Inspired
By Space-Enthused Teaching Community

New York, NY– Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) announced today the completed spin-off its successful Teachers in Space (TIS) project, launching a new nonprofit educational organization incorporated in the State of New York.

TISDue to the auspicious growth and prosperity of the Teachers in Space project since its inception in 2006, the Space Frontier Foundation believes that by creating a separate organization, TIS will be free to continue to flourish without the restrictive oversight and budgetary constraints that come with being a project within SFF. Teachers In Space, Inc. is the fourth successful spin-off organization, following Yuri’s Night, ProSpace Inc., and The Overview Institute.

“This is the result of smart people doing what they do best-changing the world for the better, and inspiring the next generation of leaders in space,” said James Pura, President & Director of Space Frontier Foundation. “Over the years, the Teachers In Space project has grown in all aspects-number of successful events, number of team members and supporters, and overall impact within the teaching community, and we hope to continue to see this growth long into the future.”

In 2009, SFF announced their first group of “Pathfinders”-teacher astronaut candidates chosen in a national competition to participate in suborbital spaceflight when those flights became available.  Donations of future flights were made by XCOR, Masten, Armadillo and Rocketplane.  Since then, TIS and the Pathfinders have partnered with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, NASA, Columbus Space Program, XCOR Aerospace, Space Exploration Technologies, Final Frontier Design, Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), Zero-G and NASTAR Center to provide teachers with real space experiences including sending student experiments to space aboard high-altitude balloons, and to the International Space Station (ISS).

From 2011 – 2014, TIS has put teachers through astronaut training experiences including hypobaric chamber testing, glider flights, parabolic flights and centrifuge training, as well as delivering professional development workshops in California, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Georgia for over 300 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teachers.

“Space Frontier Foundation has a strong entrepreneurial focus, sponsoring annual Business Plan Competitions and Investors’ Summits” said Teachers In Space, Inc. President Liz Kennick. “TIS is proud to be the fourth corporation spun off directly from the Foundation.  Many of our partners are Foundation Advocates.  We’re excited to offer some new flight and research opportunities for teachers in 2015”.

About Teachers in Space, Inc.

Teachers in Space, Inc. is an educational non-profit organization, which stimulates student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by providing teachers with extraordinary space science experiences and industry connections. Our professional development workshops for STEM teachers include personal and experimental flight opportunities, hands-on work with data sensors and remote device control, opportunities to meet and interact with scientists and developers at NASA and commercial space companies, and unique teaching materials and design contests to take back to the classroom. Teachers In Space, Inc. sparks a transfer of passion for space science and exploration from teachers to pupils, preparing and encouraging students to pursue further education and exciting, rewarding careers in the emerging space industry. Visit our website

About Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth’s fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.


Liz Kennick, President, Teachers in Space, Inc.  or  (646)283-6281

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