Leadership Training for Commercial Space Executives

Leadership Training for Commercial Space Executives

October 9, 2014 Blog, Partner News, Press Releases

Leadership Training for Commercial Space Executives

A Unique Opportunity to Support the Space Frontier Foundation While Furthering Your Career and Education

Silicon Valley, CA – The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) is pleased to announce its partnership with the upcoming Commercial Space Executive Leadership Training Course, scheduled to begin on October 20th 2014. This innovate online course will be taught by NewSpace Industry veterans and SFF Advocates, Dr. Dan Rasky and Bruce Pittman.

For each registration through this link, Heatspring will make a donation to the Space Frontier Foundation. This partnership provides a unique opportunity for SFF supporters to further their education, improve their career prospects and support the Foundation all at the same time!

“The simple fact that this class even exists is a sign of the huge strides this industry has taken in the last few years,” said Space Frontier Foundation President, James Pura. “25 years ago, the Space Frontier Foundation began calling for entrepreneurs to help this fledgling industry develop, and now we find ourselves with so many NewSpace startups, that a class is needed to train the executives. This is a promising sign that the NewSpace industry will be well prepared to excel and thrive during the period of the exponential growth that we expect in the coming years.”

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This 9-week online class, taught by knowledgeable experts, will focus on the key aspects of design, systems engineering, space applications, business and finance fundamentals. Participants can expect to engage in discussion of the “Commercial Leverage Model” which provides a good conceptual model and practical framework for the private/public partnerships currently driving this industry. Through this class, students will gain exclusive access to financial models, cost estimators, and contract templates that will instill the  knowledge and skills necessary to build and grow a commercial space company successfully.  Read more about the class here…

The registration deadline is approaching quickly, so please use this link to register now. Not only will you be supporting the Space Frontier Foundation, you’ll also be continuing your education, furthering your career, and gaining the knowledge and skills to be successful in the most exciting emerging business sector in history. The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to partner with this excellent, top-tier class in Executive Leadership and we look forward to continuing to support initiatives that help educate, empower and connect the current and future leaders of NewSpace.

Still not sure yet? Click here to attend a free hour-long introductory lecture by instructors Bruce Pittman & Dr. Dan Rasky on October 16th. Be sure to register here to make sure the Foundation receives its donation!




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