Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Next Giant Leap Conference

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Next Giant Leap Conference

October 7, 2014 Blog, Press Releases

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Next Giant Leap Conference

South Kohala, HI  – The Space Frontier Foundation encourages its members and constituents to attend the multinational “Next Giant Leap” Conference in South Kohala Hawaii, November 9 -13th.  Sponsored by the state of Hawaii, this conference is designed to explore options for developing sustainable pathways to space, with an emphasis on leveraging our Moon’s strategic assets (e.g., near-Earth location, diverse regolith, orbital periodicity, gravitational field) in ways that can minimize the risks of space exploration, development and utilization while maximizing return on investment.

A sustainable pathway to space settlement has long been the focus of the Space Frontier Foundation,” said Foundation President James Pura, “The Space Frontier Foundation whole-heartedly supports this approach to opening the space frontier to human settlement in ways that can leverage the unlimited energy and material resources of space for sustainable enterprise beyond low-Earth orbit.
The Conference will be held at the
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa in South Kohala, Hawaii

The primary goal of the conference will be to characterize and detail cost-effective strategies that can accelerate the maturation of revolutionary technologies to both extend humanity’s reach through the solar system (to asteroids, Mars and its moons, and beyond) and enhance the qualities of life on our home planet. The conference will support three discussion tracks focusing on:

  • Benefits/opportunities for leveraging
    lunar assets
  • Cost-effective scenarios for near
    term development
  • Innovative mechanisms that can link the
    vision of sustainable pathways to space with
    the technical, scientific, human, and financial
    resources that can enable them
As Jim Crisafulli, Hawaii Aerospace Office Director and conference coordinator, observes:”This conference will provide a timely opportunity for government, university, and private sector pioneers to explore and help launch options for human spaceflight to both extend our reach through the Solar System and substantially enhance qualities of life on our home planet.

Updated conference information, as well as registration and hotel reservations, may be accessed online at:

Questions concerning this event may be addressed to the Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development at: Email: / Tel: (808) 586-2388