Capitol Hill Policy Update for February 16th to March 2nd

Capitol Hill Policy Update for February 16th to March 2nd

March 2, 2015 Space Policy News

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) speaks at the press release for the announcement of the Alliance.
The Alliance for Space Development was announced last week with the objective to advance the development and settlement of space by reducing costs and increasing benefits to enable self-sustaining growth. Notable organizations part of the Alliance include the Space Frontier Foundation, the National Space Society, and Students on Capitol Hill. The first initiative under the Alliance for Space Development is March Storm, participants will visit congressional offices and discuss space policy initiatives such as cheap access to space, transition to commercial space stations, and commercial crew and cargo.
United States efforts have focused on extending the life of the International Space station. Among the 15 participating countries however, Russia has announced their intention of detaching their respective compartments and forming another independent station in 2020 when current agreements expire.
Discovery News
The brainchild of the Obama Administration, ARM intends to develop and demonstrate technology, that will eventually take humans to Mars, to redirect an asteroid into lunar orbit. With up and coming fiscal considerations for this project for FY2016, many are concerned about the $220 million price tag the project will bear and if it is an appropriate use of funds. This article identifies that $177 million of the proposed $220 million is for already existing NASA projects and should just be allocated to those projects  directly.
 A group of over 100 space leaders from academia, government, and industry met at a closed-doors conference to create a unified statement that all involved within the space industry can agree upon. The final statement that was created stated that the goal of human spaceflight and exploration was “to enable human settlement and a thriving space economy.” Participants agreed that this is “best achieved through public-private partnerships and international collaboration.”
Space Frontier Foundation
Peter Worden is the current director of the Ames Research Center at Moffett Airfield in Silicon Valley California. Worden, who has been filling this role since May of 2006, has been a key player in revolutionizing commercial space and making Ames the center for innovation regarding these efforts. Worden aims to continue his work in the private industry. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has appointed Steve Jurczyk to head the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate. Jurczyk has previously been very involved with NASA’s  Langley Research Center, eventually serving as their Director.

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