Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

March 11, 2015 Blog, Opinion, Partner News

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

All Supporters of Space Settlement are Encouraged to Show Support



Fellow Space Frontier Foundation Supporters,

I would like to introduce and ask for your support for an aspiring Kickstarter project that tests a new way for drinking liquids in space: the “Zero Gravity Cocktail Project.” They are using the attention-getting idea of cocktails in space to gain mass public appeal, and in turn increase public visibility to off-world hotels and space settlements, as seen in movies like “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “The Fifth Element,” and “Interstellar.”

The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) supports the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project because it seeks to improve the comfort for long-term space travelers, which very much agrees with our long-term vision of achieving space settlement.

“The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is a fluid dynamics and lifestyle experience design experiment,” says Samuel Coniglio, inventor of the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass and Co-Founder of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation. “This is the first of several domestic products for space we plan to develop. We want to make life for current and future space travelers more comfortable. Interest in space travel and living off-world is at an all-time high, and now is the time to re-invent the things that we take for granted here on Earth, and adapt them to make them work off-world.”

The groove system gives fluids a place to grab onto, due to the high surface tension in a weightless environment. Although a cocktail glass is showcased, the design works with other shapes, such as cylindrical coffee cups. This groove concept also allows for an open container, so that a space traveler can enjoy the aroma of a drink, which is a common complaint from today’s astronauts.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between the space tourism vision and mainstream reality, the team at Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation created a fun, usable object to show that space tourism is not an abstract concept, but a stepping stone for improving the way people live, work, and play beyond planet Earth.

The goals of the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project are such a perfect fit with Space Frontier Foundation’s objectives, that SFF is offering a free membership to everyone who pledges $25 or more to the project.  Existing members are also strongly encouraged to help, as the success of the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project will directly support SFF’s mission of opening the space frontier to all of humanity.



James Pura

President & Director

Space Frontier Foundation

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