5 Space Companies Earth Needs

5 Space Companies Earth Needs

April 22, 2016 Blog, Featured

Protecting Earth is not a job for just one day. From space, companies are uncovering new, unique opportunities to sustain Earth.

Planet Labs
In the next year, Planet Labs will have the largest constellation of satellites in space gathering data from Earth 24/7. This space startup leverages their imagery data to monitor agriculture programs that help farmers develop more sustainable practices. The company is monitoring carbon emissions and tracking the results of renewable forestry operations. The data helps strengthen global water security and follows the progress of environmental restoration projects. And governments use it to make smarter decisions on urban development and land use policies.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies
Founded by a group of dedicated physicists, Ball Aerospace works with scientists in planetary and earth sciences to explore space and protect Earth. Upcoming spectrometer missions will gather data on pollution, precipitation and the impact of clouds and aerosols on Earth’s atmosphere. The company will be flying satellites over the Asia-Pacific region to begin building a constellation that will monitor global air quality.

Moon Express
This ambitious team of space prospectors are looking to mine Helium3 from the Moon to enable nuclear fusion on Earth. Nuclear fusion is considered to be one of the most sustainable sources of clean energy, but a shortage of Helium3 makes it impractical. However, the element is abundant in Moon dust. A small amount of this dust has the power to provide enough energy on Earth for generations to come. Stay tuned for an energy revolution.

Spire Global
Spire uses a network of satellites to monitor ocean activity that we cannot see from Earth. This means monitoring illegal maritime activity and international maritime laws that protect the unique ecosystems in our oceans. Data analysis taken from space also allows Spire to monitor ocean weather activity like hurricanes for disaster relief and prediction.

World View Enterprises
Taking high-altitude ballooning to new heights, World View Enterprises is supporting a number of missions studying the Earth’s atmosphere and assisting in disaster relief. In the long-term, World View will take humans to the edge of space to experience the “Overview Effect.”

Space exploration is not about leaving Earth but sustaining it. Learn more about the space community’s dedication to saving Earth by registering for the 2016 NewSpace Conference.