April 25: Entrepreneurial Space Business Training

April 25: Entrepreneurial Space Business Training

April 13, 2016 Blog, Featured

Entrepreneurial Space Business Training, approved for two AIAA Continuing Education Credits , is
a comprehensive, nine-week course that addresses the key aspects of design, systems engineering,
space applications, business and finance fundamentals in the space industry. This will
include discussion of the “Commercial Leverage Model” which provides a good conceptual
model and practical framework for the private/public partnerships driving the industry.

April 25 – June 26


The near term business opportunities in commercial space are staggering. For every highprofile
success like SpaceX or Virgin Galactic, there are dozens of telecommunications, infrastructure,
and energy ventures that are experiencing massive growth. This is an opportunity
for existing firms and entrepreneurs to quantify the business potential in commercial space and create
a map for achieving success. Developed in partnership with SpaceNews, this course is advanced
and intended for professionals with a strong technical or business background.

This course is led by expert Charles Miller. Charles is the president of NexGen Space LLC, a
space and public policy consultancy that provides client services at the juncture between civil,
commercial, and national security. A former NASA Senior Advisor for Commercial Space,
Miller has led a half dozen NASA commercial space teams responsible for assessing barriers to
commercial space projects, satellite servicing, funded space act agreements, and commercial
reusable launch vehicles and solutions for space debris removal. He is also a co-founder of
NanoRacks and a founder of ProSpace, both of which are major players in the push to make
space exploration more accessible to the masses.