Taken from 1987 Marshall ET-Grit Neutral Bouyancy Tank Simulation Video Tape
(Our thanks to Cris Fitch for grabbing the video frames)

Warning: This page is has a large number of color images. It will take a long time to load.

ET-Grit color slide

Downloadable GIF:  grit color slide g     42k
Downloadable JPEG: grit color slide j   64k

Removal of inspection hatch from hydrogen tank dome

Downloadable GIF:  hatch removal g     46k
Downloadable JPEG:   hatch removal j   68k

Astronaut passing through inspection manhole in hydrogen tank dome

Downloadable GIF:  manhole entrance g    44k
Downloadable JPEG:  manhole entrance j  65k

2 Astronauts working on ET interior

Downloadable GIF:  astronaut on interior g      48k
Downloadable JPEG:  astronaut on interior j   70k 

Astronaut working on ET interior

Downloadable GIF:   astronaut on interior g     48k
Downloadable JPEG:  astronaut on interior j  71k

Astronaut stripping Spray-On Foam Insulation (SOFI)

Downloadable GIF:  sofi stripping g     48k
Downloadable JPEG:  sofi stripping j  73k

Astronaut on hydrogen tank interior ringframe

Downloadable GIF:  astronaut on ringframe g     48k
Downloadable JPEG:  astronaut on ringframe j   68k

Hydrogen tank siphon (will be removed)

Downloadable GIF:  lh2 siphon g      41k
Downloadable JPEG:  lh2 siphon j    66k

Siphon removal closeup

Downloadable GIF:  siphon removal closeup g     49k
Downloadable JPEG:  siphon removal closeup j  75k

Wrenches being used to remove siphon assembly

Downloadable  GIF:  wrenches g     45k
Downloadable  JPEG:  wrenches j  65k

Siphon loose and being removed for stowage

Downloadable GIF:  siphon removal g     51k
Downloadable JPEG:  siphon removal j  77k

Siphon in transit

Downloadable GIF:  siphon inflight g      48k
Downloadable JPEG:  siphon inflight j   72k

Feedline closeup (siphon exit)

Downloadable GIF:  feedline closeup g     53k
Downloadable JPEG:  feedline closeup j  77k

Siphon stowing

Downloadable GIF:  siphon stowing g      51k
Downloadable JPEG:  siphon stowing j   77k

Detector Array installation

Downloadable GIF:  detector array g      54k
Downloadable JPEG:  detector array j   79k

Unfurling and placement of detector array

Downloadable GIF:  unfurling array g      49k
Downloadable JPEG:  unfurling array j   72k

Initial detector array placement

Downloadable GIF:  array placement g      52k
Downloadable JPEG:  array placement j   77k

Final detector array placement – front view

Downloadable GIF:  array pacement front g      44k
Downloadable JPEG:  array placement front j   64k

Final detector array placement – rear view

Downloadable GIF:  array placement rear g     45k
Downloadable JPEG:  array placement rear j   65k