Since it’s inception in 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation has built a rich history, and has a grand story to tell, including amazing successes and heart-wrenching failure. Below is our attempt to capture that story, so that future generations can understand our humble beginnings, and comparing to the current state of affairs they may be in, believe that change is indeed possible. May they may stand on the foundation we have laid, in order to reach for the stars.


News Archive

All our past Press Releases, sorted by the year they were published.

Documents Archive

Space Frontier Foundation’s Scribd account–white papers on the feasibility of Space-Based Solar Power, SFF internal documents including our Credo & Frontier Enabling Test, and much more.

Completed Projects

All the past projects of the Space Frontier Foundation, listing the year each project was in-work, Project Manager, goal(s) of the project, the outcome, and any surviving documents and press coverage.

Award Recipients Archive

All previous winners of the Foundation’s Annual Awards.

Events Archive

Past events hosted by (or supported by) the Space Frontier Foundation, sorted by type of event.

Frontier Files

An essay collection that was written and emailed once per week for a series of 10 weeks, to whoever signed up on the Foundation’s website. Touching on different topics each week, and written as opinion pieces, the series was based on the current state & future vision of the Space Frontier Foundation.

SpaceFront Magazine

Started in 1993, this was the Foundation’s quarterly journal, which was designed to inform the Foundation’s network of friends and serious professional activists of the most current issues related to the opening of space frontier. Presented here in .pdf format on our Scribd page. (Coming soon)