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Action Alert – Support the Space Exploration, Development and Settlement Act

April 14, 2015

Action Alert – Support the Space Exploration, Development and Settlement Act Help Make Space Settlement a Core Part of NASA’s Mission   To our friends and advocates: This is an action request, we need your help! The Space Exploration, Development and Settlement (SEDS) Act is about to be introduced in Congress. The purpose of the […]

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Senate Attempting to Kill Commercial Spaceflight

June 13, 2014

Senate Attempting to Kill Commercial Spaceflight Call Your Representatives Now to Demand Cheap Access to Space Silicon Valley, CA – The Space Frontier Foundation calls upon Americans to stop efforts by US Senator Richard Shelby (R, AL) to critically damage the emerging commercial spaceflight industry. The Senate FY 15 budget proposals calls for excessive and costly bureaucratic […]

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Opening the Hatch to Humanity’s Future

May 25, 2012

Tomorrow astronauts onboard the International Space Station will open the hatch of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. This event isn’t just a simple door opening between two spacecraft – it opens the door to a future in which U.S. industry can and will deliver huge benefits for U.S. space exploration.

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Legislative Alert for Pro-space citizens – Action Required by Monday, March 19

March 15, 2012

A call to action: NASA programs that open the frontier are under assault by members of Congress

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Civil Space Opinion Survey

July 21, 2011

Over the last two days of the Atlantis flight we had up a survey about the shuttle and the future of human spaceflight.  Summary results are up here. We will get up the detailed results with analysis in a few days.

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End of Shuttle is the Beginning of NewSpace Age

July 18, 2011

The final flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis does not mean the end of manned spaceflight for America. It heralds the beginning of the NewSpace Age, an era of more access to space for many more people at much lower cost.

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Congress Needs to Fund the Future

July 8, 2011

Today the US Space Shuttle lifted off successfully for the last time. Earlier this week, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Science, and Justice threw quite a going away party by releasing its proposed budget for NASA for Fiscal Year 2012 (which begins this October 1st), and the news is not good. Because of strong pressure to reduce federal spending, the Subcommittee had several billion dollars less to divide up among various departments and agencies. So they had to cut NASA and some key programs that we space activists support.

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Ask Your Member of Congress to "Represent" Your Support of Commercial Space TODAY!

May 17, 2011

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies has asked your Member of Congress for their input on what programs in NASA (and other agencies) should receive increased or decreased funding in FY2012. This gives you an opportunity to have your Representative support vital NASA initiatives like Commercial Crew and Space Technology.

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It’s Silly Season Again!

March 30, 2011

Please remind your Representative & Senators they are not rocket scientists! Let NASA compete all the best ideas for a Space Launch System… Don’t mandate an unaffordable/unsustainable “Senate Launch System”!

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Battle for the Frontier – An Important Moment

September 30, 2010

What is at stake in the battle for the Frontier is whether the United States will lead the world into space using its most important and powerful weapon and tool, you – the people, or relinquish itself to second or third world status by repeating the failed policies of the past.

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