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Commercial Space in Jeopardy – T Minus 18 Hours

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The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) called attention today to the latest battle taking place in the US House of Representatives that holds enormous implications for the future of spaceflight. In the next 18 hours, the House leadership will decide whether to allow a vote on the pork-laden House version of the NASA bill or instead pass the better Senate compromise. The SFF asks all commercial space supporters to contact their Congressman. Encourage them to vote ‘No’ on HR 5781 and allow a vote on the Senate version.

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D-Day for NewSpace

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NASA’s new Commercial Crew Program is under attack by pork-hungry legislators, and William Watson urges all Americans interested in space settlement to take immediate action. Contrary to the White House’s request, the NASA Authorization Bill proposes cutting commercial space by $2.1 billion. Senator Warner’s amendment will restore this key funding, but he needs YOUR help to gain support from other Senators.

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Movie Producers of “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact” Challenged to Match $50K Grant to Find Killer Space Objects

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Los Angeles, CA, July 1, 1998 – Two private space organizations today aimed a $50,000 challenge grant to find killer asteroids and comets squarely at the Hollywood studios behind the films “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” – motion pictures which depict the mass destruction that such objects might wreak if they hit the Earth. The challenge,…

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