Want To Support Space Explorations? Tips From The WCG Team

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The latest decades of the past centuries have been crossed by many trends and currents of thought, many discoveries and innovation coming in the everyday life at a global level. The industries of technology and science are the most developed and the most targeted by large investment groups and partnerships. Actually, the space exploration sector…

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Ask Your Member of Congress to "Represent" Your Support of Commercial Space TODAY!

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The U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies has asked your Member of Congress for their input on what programs in NASA (and other agencies) should receive increased or decreased funding in FY2012. This gives you an opportunity to have your Representative support vital NASA initiatives like Commercial Crew and Space Technology.

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SpaceX Changes the Game in Space Flight

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The Space Frontier Foundation congratulated SpaceX for completing the world’s first commercial orbital spaceflight and recovery. “This flight will go down in history as a turning point for the opening of space to regular people,” said Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson. “It may not be Yuri Gagarin, but it is certainly the equivalent of Sputnik for commercial spaceflight!”

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Opening a Railroad to Space

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Originally published by Robert Zubrin in Space News 10/4/2010 In the history of the American frontier, the opening of the transcontinental railroad was an epochal event. Almost instantly, the transit to the West Coast, which had previously required an arduous multi-month trek and a massive investment for an average family, became a quick and affordable…

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Griffin’s Constellation Zombie

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Sometimes our space program is like a bad zombie movie. As our heroes try and make it through the night, one by one they are picked off by the walking dead. So goes the new space agenda, designed to correct the flaws of the past and breath new life into our human exploration plans, as it faces off with the walking corpse of the Constellation program and its defenders, who are determined to gradually eat away at it until it too joins them in the never ending carnage of our dying dreams to open the frontier of space.

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