Sustainability Is Not An Option

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Space Frontier Foundation Laments $1.2 Billion J-2X Dead End Nyack, NY – The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) is distressed by the announcement that the J-2X Engine will never fly. NASA has numerous projects running on tight budgets that could have used the now-vaporized resources spent on J-2X. The engine was developed under NASA’s now-defunct Constellation…

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Taking Space Education To The Next Level

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Inspiring Teachers and Students Alike Nyack, NY August 26, 2013 Imagine the excitement of a student learning about space science by actually doing science. In many classrooms today, space science is nothing more than book study and a few tests.  Students read about the planets, maybe study a few galactic wonders and even get into…

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There Is Another Way

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Space Frontier Foundation Calls for a Sustainable Settlement Strategy led by NASA Washington DC, August 7, 2013 NASA has been without a worthwhile long-term goal or strategy since the Apollo Era, which was to put men on the Moon before the end of the 1960’s. The goal now should be the sustainable human settlement of…

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Space Ground Amalgam Wins 2012 NewSpace Business Plan Competition!

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Digital Solid State Propulsion Awarded Second Prize The competition judges have awarded Space Ground Amalgam, LLC first place in the 2012 NewSpace Business Plan Competition and presented them with the $100,000 prize. Digital Solid State Propulsion, LLC earned second place in the competition and the $10,000 prize. In a last minute addition, Honorable Mention is…

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FAA Awards Armadillo Aerospace Operator Launch License at NewSpace 2012

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Dr. George Neild of the FAA Office of Commercial Space transportation awarded Armadillo Aerospace an Operator Launch License at the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2012 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara on July 26th. Congratulations to the Armadillo Aerospace team on this achievement! ——————Press Release from Armadillo Aerospace———————————– At Newspace 2012 hosted by the…

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SETICon II is Just Around the Corner!

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  Fuel Your Imagination with Space Science. Though hosted by the SETI Institute, SETICon II is not just about discovering proof of life beyond Earth. It is a unique and entertaining public event that will fuel your imagination with the wonders of space science, inspire your endeavors in the space industry and introduce the amazing…

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