Human Tended Suborbital Space

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I was wondering if anybody here attended the Human Tended Suborbital Space workshop at Ames in December.

If you are unfamiliar with this visit http://suborbitalex.arc.nasa.gov/.

  • Are they likely to get any real funding?
  • Can this be a significant market for the rocket companies?
  • Is there anything we can do in support of this?
  • Is ther anybody who might fund any such effort?
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NASA Announces Commercial ISS Cargo Winners: The Space Frontier Foundation Declares “Victory!”

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The Space Frontier Foundation is celebrating a cosmic holiday gift: NASA’s impending announcement that it will buy commercial cargo transportation services to resupply the International Space Station.  The U.S. civilian space agency is expected to award over $3 billion in firm-fixed-price contracts to two U.S. firms, NASA’s first-ever commercial service purchase for a major human space flight program. 

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Obama Space Team Seeks Public Comment on Space Solar Power White Paper Submitted by SFF

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The Space Frontier Foundation pointed out that President-elect Obama’s transition team has published for public comment a white paper entitled Space Solar Power (SSP) – A Solution for Energy Independence & Climate Change.  The paper was prepared and submitted by the Space Frontier Foundation and other citizen space advocates, and calls for the new Administration to make development of Space Solar Power a national priority.

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We need a cultural cruise missile

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We need a cultural cruise missile for putting an end to all governmental launch, everywhere and forever.

We don’t simply want to kill Ares.  We don’t only want to generously fund COTS D.  We want to unleash the power of free enterprise and never ever see any government anywhere develop, build own or operate a launch vehicle

We want to do this to:

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We Need Your Help to Party: The Fun Way to Advance NewSpace

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“Don’t miss the Space Frontier Foundation’s hospitality suite; it’s always an event of legendary proportions. Might as well cancel your hotel room and plan on watching the sunrise with some of the most eloquent and passionate leaders of the NewSpace revolution. This group really epitomizes ‘work hard – play hard.'”

– David Livingston, The Space Show

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