Ares I: A Pass-Fail Test for Barack Obama

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The case against Ares I is overwhelming. It is overpriced, unnecessary, competes directly with private spaceflight providers and will take so long to develop that it has already created a several years long “gap” in US crewed access to space. The commercial alternatives are based on well-tested, mature systems currently used to launch U.S. military, scientific, and commercial satellites. Adapting these rockets to carry people is cheaper, faster and better.

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Gas Stations in Space?

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Fuel depots fundamentally change the economics of going beyond low Earth orbit. A lighter and drastically cheaper spaceship can be sent to low Earth orbit with empty tanks and fueled up before continuing on its way. Even better is the potential to refuel returned spaceships so they can be reused for multiple trips to deep space destinations, saving even more.

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The Kennedy Legacy in Space

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 8 Comments

When President Kennedy declared in 1962 that “We choose to go to the moon in this decade,” he could not possibly have known that our desire to recapture the lost glories of the Apollo years would put us in a holding pattern, repeating the same mistakes over and over, like a broken record, well into the 21st century. His speech was followed by seven years of breakthroughs—and 40 years of decline.

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We Need Your Money; We Need Your Time

Opinion | 9 Comments

The Space Frontier Foundation is an incubator for people, organizations, and ideas.

By giving responsibility to talented young people, we help them prove themselves and learn skills they need to pursue careers advancing NewSpace. Former key volunteers are now working throughout the NewSpace community, in commercial space, and in government leadership positions.

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NewSpace is the Vanguard of Human Civilization

Opinion | 3 Comments

When we declared in 1988 that our purpose was “to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System” few people asked us: “who exactly will be doing the leading?” Those who did ask were usually overwhelmed by our audacity in answering: “the Space Frontier Foundation is an…

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NewSpace Is Under Attack

Opinion, Press Releases | One Comment

It’s been a couple of months since the Augustine Committee had the temerity to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we should leave a few things that have long been the sole province of government to the vital and growing private sector. The push back from the forces of the status quo has been building ever…

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