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Space for the People

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The Space Frontier Foundation and NewSpace community voice their support for the 2011 NASA budget put forth by the current administration and denounce the HR-5781 bill. Share “Space for the People” and support the need for a budget focused on innovation and new enterprise, not wasting money on failed projects.

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NASA’s Constellation Hallucination and the Congressional Money Drug

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In the coming weeks some in Congress will try to kill America’s future in space as they desperately work to prop up the tax sucking, pork eating, dreamslaying monster known as the Constellation rocket program. Right now a bought and paid for cabal of hypocritical puppets in the House and Senate are trying to prop up this corpse of a dead end plan to go to the Moon and Mars that not only failed to deliver on President Bush’s promise of a permanent US presence in space, but continues to eat the budgets of the very exploration it was meant to support.

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Commercial Space in Jeopardy – T Minus 18 Hours

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The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) called attention today to the latest battle taking place in the US House of Representatives that holds enormous implications for the future of spaceflight. In the next 18 hours, the House leadership will decide whether to allow a vote on the pork-laden House version of the NASA bill or instead pass the better Senate compromise. The SFF asks all commercial space supporters to contact their Congressman. Encourage them to vote ‘No’ on HR 5781 and allow a vote on the Senate version.

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Half Time in the Battle for the Frontier

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There is something very American about a few patriotic heroes fighting off a massive and established foe bent on crushing their new ideas. Always in such tales there is a moment when the heroic band tastes its first victory and the enemy armies regroup and return to fill the horizon. The “Battle for the Frontier” in Congress is at just such a moment right now.

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D-Day for NewSpace

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NASA’s new Commercial Crew Program is under attack by pork-hungry legislators, and William Watson urges all Americans interested in space settlement to take immediate action. Contrary to the White House’s request, the NASA Authorization Bill proposes cutting commercial space by $2.1 billion. Senator Warner’s amendment will restore this key funding, but he needs YOUR help to gain support from other Senators.

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Real Socialism in America

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There is a change being proposed by the Obama administration that deals with a government program where full control of the means of production is already in government hands. That’s right. In at least one instance, Barack Obama wants to put America on the road to capitalism. The program in question is called Constellation.

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The Constellation Hallucination

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The Constellation hallucination is almost over, and the flight of the Falcon 9 is the first wake-up call for those lost in its magic Kool-Aid trance. The thunderous roar and blazing light of the SpaceX rocket completely belied the promises of doom foretold by the cult of cost-plus and the priesthood of the PowerPoint pioneer.

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