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They Are Not All Shills

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Over the last week or so a number of people, including me, have pointed out that much of the dissembling about the proposed NASA budget is being done by people with a financial and/or political interest in maintaining the status quo.  It has been particularity disturbing how often those representing vested interests fail to disclose…

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The News Today

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 4 Comments

Much of the mainstream response to Constellation’s cancellation and replacement by more effective spending reads like everything was going honky dory with Constellation in the first place. The reality is that this porker is already many years behind schedule and well along the path to failure. Rescuing Constellation would require dramatically increasing NASA’s budget and…

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Space Frontier Foundation Applauds NASA's Bold New Direction

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The Space Frontier Foundation called on Congress to back the courageous leadership of President Obama and NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden as they rescue the US space program from certain failure in its ill-conceived effort to return to the Moon. The Administration is charting a new course based on common sense and a more normal relationship between the government and private sectors that will not only save billions of dollars but will help the US establish a NewSpace industry and eventually human settlements on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

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Ares I: A Pass-Fail Test for Barack Obama

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 7 Comments

The case against Ares I is overwhelming. It is overpriced, unnecessary, competes directly with private spaceflight providers and will take so long to develop that it has already created a several years long “gap” in US crewed access to space. The commercial alternatives are based on well-tested, mature systems currently used to launch U.S. military, scientific, and commercial satellites. Adapting these rockets to carry people is cheaper, faster and better.

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