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Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

March 11, 2015

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Zero Gravity Cocktail Project All Supporters of Space Settlement are Encouraged to Show Support   Fellow Space Frontier Foundation Supporters, I would like to introduce and ask for your support for an aspiring Kickstarter project that tests a new way for drinking liquids in space: the “Zero Gravity Cocktail Project.” They […]

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Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Integrated Space Plan 2.0, Calls for a United Path to Settlement

July 21, 2014

Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Integrated Space Plan 2.0, Calls for a United Path to Settlement All Supporters of a United Path to Settlement are Encouraged to Show Support   This morning, I wrote the following letter of endorsement for a Kickstarter campaign (my first!). I would like to encourage you to review the letter and […]

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Tomorrow’s Policy Changes Begin Today

December 17, 2013

Support Today and Receive a Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Gift “The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty, a fad.” President of Michigan Savings Bank, 1903 “I think there is a world market for about five computers.” Chairman of IBM, 1943 “A rocket will never be able to leave the […]

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Disruptive Ideas Will Make Space Settlement a Reality

December 10, 2013

Support Today and Receive a Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Gift Imagine if you will…a young girl is getting ready to go to school, but first she takes her phone out of her pocket, takes a picture out the window, and posts on her Facebook page “It’s a beautiful day here on Mars…today I’m giving a […]

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Taking Space Education To The Next Level

August 26, 2013

Inspiring Teachers and Students Alike Nyack, NY August 26, 2013 Imagine the excitement of a student learning about space science by actually doing science. In many classrooms today, space science is nothing more than book study and a few tests.  Students read about the planets, maybe study a few galactic wonders and even get into […]

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Hoping for a Holiday in Space!

December 21, 2011

This holiday please give a gift to our volunteers and yourself by donating to the Space Frontier Foundation. You’ll be supporting a future where we have to figure out how to get a Christmas tree to the moon. A future where all science teachers are expected to have experienced spaceflight, picking a spaceline ticket is done on Orbitz, and ‘asteroid miner’ is a common job description. So after hanging up your geeky space ornaments (we admit to having several), visit spacefrontier.org/donate.

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Donate Now for the Future of the Space Frontier Foundation!

December 13, 2011

If the Foundation is making a difference, it should be measurable and visible for all to see. We have the plan in place to do more, but we need your help to keep moving these projects forward. Please donate today if you want your kid to be taught by an astronaut teacher, to support the creation of new entrepreneurial space businesses, or to see pro-settlement legislation. The SFF can make it happen — so click the “Donate Now” tab above!

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Communicate Change, Not Just Static: Donate Now!

November 23, 2011

As recently as last week a major figure in the publishing world said to me that we in the Foundation should take credit for leading the change of the largest space program on Earth, and that although most people don’t know it, we are the group that has set the stage and made it happen. If you want to help us do something grand and important, if you want to know that you are not just sharing static and actually do something to give this life meaning, then click on that donation button, write that check. And the next time you hear about the latest rocketship that will carry you and your kids into space, you can smile and know you aren’t just another consumer of constant communication, you’re helping give them something to talk about. Tax-deductible donations can be made by clicking the “Donate Now” tab above.

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Help Change the Conversation about Space, Even Here in Fantasyland-on-the-Potomac

November 17, 2011

The Space Frontier Foundation’s effectiveness at fighting for our vision inside the Beltway will depend on the financial support we receive from Foundationers like you. I can’t promise that if you contribute generously we will win every battle. But I can say that with your help, we can fight the most important battles, and advance our cause of a freer and more prosperous life for our children and grandchildren… a hopeful future we will earn by opening the space frontier, together.

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If You Care About Creating an Open Space Frontier, Donate to Make it Happen!

November 8, 2011

The Space Frontier Foundation has succeeded in “changing the conversation about space” and the whole of human civilization will reap the benefits. Our work, however, is only just beginning. Now we need to spread the understanding that it is only by unleashing the power of free enterprise that we can have the benefits on offer in our Solar System. If you care about a free and open space frontier, giving generously to the Space Frontier Foundation is the logical thing to do.

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