Project Manager: Tom Olson

The Space Frontier Foundation organizes the NewSpace Business Plan Competition. This Competition wishes to assist and showcase new startup and expanding firms who can demonstrate both the ability to make money and contribute to the commercial development of space, advancing the NewSpace movement. The event traditionally includes a review of business plan submissions by venture capitalists, angel investors and business development leaders, a 2-day-boot camp at the annual NewSpace Conference followed by finalist presentations, and announcement of a winner at the NewSpace Awards Gala.

This competition seeks entries from seed, startup or early-growth firms from the following fields: Entrepreneurial Space,  Space-Related, or Space-Scalable. Applicants must be able to explain why their product or service helps with the economic development of space. Prizes for the 2012 BPC are presently $100,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place. Contact the present Project Manager ( with further inquiries.


The Heinlein Prize Trust  has been and continues to be the proud sponsor of the competition.

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