Listed are a cross-section of significant External Tank Application concepts since 1975.

Black and white GIFs or JPEGs for each are available for download

Global Outposts commercial platform, 1992

Downloadable   GIF:     outposts g   13k
Downloadable  JPEG:   outposts j    53k

Global Outposts detailed drawing

Downloadable    GIF:    outposts detailed g    13k
Downloadable  JPEG    outposts detailed j     57k

External Tank modified as an in-line heavy lift launch vehicle Dave Christensen 1991

Downloadable  GIF:    et inline g  7k
Downloadable  JPEG:  et inline j  61k

External Tank modified as a Space Operations Center (SOC) MSFC 1981

Downloadable GIF:  et soc g  7k
Downloadable JPEG:  et soc j  59k

Pat Rawlings’ LEO Services Corporation Platform SSI 1988

Downloadable GIF:  rawlings g  5k
Downloadable JPEG:  rawlings j  48k

ET/ACC Propellent Scavenger 1986

Downloadable GIF:  scavenger g  7k
Downloadable JPEG:  scavenger j  59k

O’Neill Space Manufacturing Facility Rotating Habitat 1976

Downloadable GIF:  smf habitat g  6k
Downloadable JPEG:  smf habitat j  56k

Multiple ACC Applications 1982

Downloadable GIF:  acc apps g  11k
Downloadable JPEG:  acc apps j  93k

Hardened DoD Space Operations Platform 1983

Downloadable GIF:  dod g  8k
Downloadable JPEG:  dod j  75k

General Dynamics – Convair Wingless Orbiter 1983

Downloadable GIF:  gd-convair g  8k
Downloadable JPEG:  gd-convair j  63k

External Tanks Corporation (ETCO) Wingless Orbiter based platform side and top views 1992

Downloadable GIF:  etco orbiter side g  9k
Downloadable JPEG:  etco orbiter side j  82k

External Tanks Corporation (ETCO) Wingless Orbiter based platform 1992

Downloadable GIF:  etco orbiter g   8k
Downloadable JPEG:  etco orbiter j   71k

ET Gamma Ray Imaging Telescope (GRIT) 1988

Downloadable GIF:  et grit g  10k
Downloadable JPEG:  et grit j  89k

ultiple Aft Cargo Carrier Applications 1982

Downloadable   GIF:  et acc g  7k
Downloadable  JPEG:  et acc j  57k

ACC Service Module 1982

Downloadable GIF:  acc service g  11k
Downloadable JPEG:  acc service j  92k

ET Structure, Volumes, Masses, Components 1983

Downloadable GIF:  et structure g  6k
Downloadable JPEG:  et structure j  49k

Dave Christensen Wyle Labs ET-based Melting Facility 1983

Downloadable GIF:  wyle labs g  8k
Downloadable JPEG:  wyle labs j  70k

ACC Habitation Module.1982

Downloadable GIF:  acc g  10k
Downloadable JPEG:  acc j  87k

Pagano’s Manned Platform from ET Barrell / Ogive / Dome Sections 1993

Downloadable GIF:  pagano g  8k
Downloadable JPEG:  pagano j  65k

Joe Carroll Tethered ET Salvage Platform 1984

Downloadable GIF:  et salvage g  5k
Downloadable JPEG:  et salvage j  47k

Dean Monitor Tethered Orbiter – External Tank 1983

Downloadable GIF:  et tethered g  5k
Downloadable JPEG:  et tethered j  42k

Dean Monitor Tethered Orbiter – External Tank Payload Release 1983

Downloadable GIF:  et swinging g  4k
Downloadable JPEG:  et swinging j  37k

Tom Taylor’s Forward Cargo Carrier (FCC) 1982

Downloadable GIF:  fcc g  5k
Downloadable JPEG:  fcc j  49k

ET Internal Details from JSC Web Site 2000

Downloadable GIF:  jsc et g  35k
Downloadable JPEG:  jsc et j  75k

ET Intertank Detail from JSC Web Site 2000

Downloadable GIF:  intertank g  78k
Downloadable JPEG:  intertank j  78k

ET Oxygen Tank Eploded View from JSC Web Site 2000

Downloadable GIF:  lox g  36k
Downloadable JPEG:  lox j  53k

Dual ET/ACC Commercial Platform, Taylor for Martin-Marietta 1982

Downloadable GIF:  dual et platform g   8k
Downloadable JPEG:  dual et platform j  59k