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    Brendan Doran

    Heinelein suggested the USAF and NASA be merged, this was during the Cold War.

    I mention it again because now both are facing new common threats, lack of money and lack of immediate relevance.

    NASA captures the imagination of basic researchers and this is reflected in the choice of missions. Nice pictures. Wake us up when it’s alien invasion or you breakthrough on warp drives.

    The USAF has no enemies and most of it’s combat is being done by Drones.

    You have the same basic political situation of 1972, in a contest between Space and Welfare [or everything else and welfare] welfare wins. You don’t however have the same economy.

    USAF budget kung fu still rocks many orders of magnitude above NASA however and pooling would place you well for the economic breakout, and if God is kind techological breakthroughs that will occur after this government. Pool now under pressure of events and common struggle will forge the bonds between people, and help us to get us off this rock and out there…


    Brendan Doran

    Oh and I think BTW that war will again be a going concern.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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