To apply for positions listed below, please send your resume as well as the answer to the question, “What gets you up in the morning?”, to the point of contact listed in each category.

Foundation Operations

Corporate Secretary
The Corporate Secretary for the Space Frontier Foundation is responsible for scheduling and ensuring the occurrence of Board meetings, for collecting and maintaining the minutes for those meetings, and for ensuring the accessibility of information throughout the organization.

Expected time requirement: 2 hours/month

Reporting to: Hannah Kerner, Executive Director (hannah.kerner@spacefrontier.org)

Marketing and Communications

All positions listed below will report to Alexandra Abrams, SFF Marketing & Communications Director. Please direct all applications and inquiries to alexandra.abrams@spacefrontier.org.

Web Manager

The SFF website must be consistently updated in a timely manner with relevant information (within 24 hours of an event or 48 hours of a content request). Google Analytics will be used to track the performance of the website and the content therein.

The Web Manager should be familiar with WordPress editing tools, have a keen attention to details including grammar/spelling/punctuation, and be prompt in communication and meeting deadlines. Familiarity with web programming is not necessary.

Expected time requirement: 1-3 hours per week

Communications Lead, NewSpace Conference
Branding, signage, social media and messaging must be coordinated and produced for each NewSpace Conference.

The NewSpace Conference Communication Lead must have experience in public relations for events, designing, printing and project management. This person would ideally have Adobe CS6 or later.

Expected time requirement: It is not required for this person to contribute year-round; rather there will be bursts of work needed sporadically in the year leading up to the conference and much more intensely in the month before the conference (June and July).

Social Media Manager
The SFF social accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube) will be monitored and leveraged to engage with stakeholders, promote key messages and disseminate important information.

This project requires a person with a strong communications/social media background (more than just schooling, must have practical experience as this is a high-exposure role) who is responsive and can dedicate time to monitoring and leveraging all SFF accounts on a daily basis.

Expected time requirements: 3 hours per week

Business Plan Competition (BPC)

Web Content Producer
The BPC Web Content Producer will help debug and implement new functionality within the BPC social networking platform. The platform comes with a detailed video intro, so someone with general WordPress experience can get up to speed very quickly. No coding expertise required.

Expected time requirements: 10-15 hours per week initially, 3-5 hours per week upkeep

Reporting to: Meagan Crawford, BPC Marketing Director (meagan.crawford@spacefrontier.org)

BPC Social Media Manager
The BPC Social Media Manager will maintain and monitor the Competition’s social media accounts and work with regional competition hosts, e.g. NewSpace NYC and LightSpeed Accelerator, to amplify their reach. The applicant should have social media experience and should be comfortable with creating content and posting/sharing regularly across multiple platforms, and should consistently use proper grammar and rhetoric.

Expected time requirements: 3 hours per week

Reporting to: Meagan Crawford, BPC Marketing Director (meagan.crawford@spacefrontier.org)

Creative Manager
The BPC Creative Manager will be responsible for creating graphical material for posters, web banners, informational packets, etc. The applicant should have some graphic design experience and should already own necessary tools, e.g. Photoshop.

Expected time requirements: Needs for creative work are sporadic, and during times of need expected work time is 5-10 hours per week.

Reporting to: Meagan Crawford, BPC Marketing Director (meagan.crawford@spacefrontier.org)


The Space Frontier Foundation is a 501(c)(3) advocacy organization. Contributions are tax-deductible. You may specify the project you would like your tax-deductible gift to support, or choose the option to give a specified amount on a monthly or annual basis. You can make a donation through:

If you are a Space Frontier Foundation Advocate, please view our Advocate Dues Page.


The Space Frontier Foundation is not currently seeking interns. Internships are typically summer positions and are posted early in the calendar year. For example of past internship positions, please refer to the  the Space Frontier Foundation Internship document from 2010.