Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are nominated and elected by the Advocates at the Annual Advocates Meeting, held every year in conjunction with the annual NewSpace Conference. Once elected, each member of the Board serves a two year term.

Jeff Feige – Chairman of the Board

Meagan Crawford – Member, Board of Directors

Alexandra Hall – Member, Board of Directors

Amaresh Kollipara – Member, Board of Directors

Sean Mahoney – Member, Board of Directors

Aaron Oesterle – Member, Board of Directors

Gary Oleson – Member, Board of Directors

Gabriel Rothblatt – Member, Board of Directors

Ana Tarano – Member, Board of Directors

Officers (Elected by the Board of Directors)

The staff, officers and project managers of the Space Frontier Foundation help implement the specific initiatives and programs of the Foundation.

Alexandra Hall – Interim Executive Director

Jeff Feige – Chairman of the Board

Cody Knipfer – Corporate Secretary

Joshua Guild – Treasurer

Project Managers

Diana Dayal – NewSpace Conference

Sarah Preston – Communications

Aaron Oesterle – Political Action & Strategy

Jeff Matthews – Venture Strategy & Research

Anselm Wiercioch – NewSpace News

Charles Miller March Storm

Process Managers

Brian Young – Website Management

Ben Corbin – Advocate Coordinator