Permission to Dream Project

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Program Summary

Permission to Dream aims to excite the next generation of students (and space explorers!) via real astronomy exploration.

Since it’s founding in 2001, PTD has donated telescopes to 25 groups in 13 countries on 6 continents!

Participating schools pledge to hold regular observation nights with their students, and explore the sky using online missions Permission to Dream has developed.

The students will conduct and record their observations and compare them with their local and global teammates.

We hope that by exploring the universe together, we can bring Planet Earth together as well.

Program Objectives

  • Introduce students to science and technology career possibilities.
  • Deepen students’ knowledge of science, math, history, engineering, geography, and social studies.
  • Connect students and teachers with astronomy experts.
  • Provide telescopes, training, and lesson plans to classrooms around the world.

A Hubble Space Telescope view of Betelgeuse (left) shows the giant M21 star's size in comparison with Earth and Jupiter's orbits. Betelgeuse is the upper left star of the constellation Orion (right). Betelgeuse is 652 light years distance from the Solar System.