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About the Space Settlement Project


  1. Present to the general public and our elected leaders a compelling vision equating American and global survival and prosperity with the permanent human settlement and development of space.
  2. Establish a national strategy for the permanent human settlement and development of space that involves government, business, and academia.


This project uses the following methods to accomplish its goals:

  1. Space Settlement White Paper Series– A comprehensive series of white papers outlining a strategy for achieving the human settlement and development of space. These white papers:
    • Explain why it is important to settle and develop space.
    • Demonstrate that the requisite knowledge and technology exists.
    • Propose activities to establish economically self-sustainable space settlements.
  2. Space Settlement Presentations – Prepare and submit papers to conferences where the human settlement and development of space is relevant, and present them in person when accepted. Besides the usual settings (Return to the Moon Conference, Space Frontier Conference, Mars Society Conference, International Space Development Conference, etc.), many non-space conferences provide an ideal opportunity to enroll neutral and anti-space audiences in our vision. Space will have an increasingly vital role in many important issues, such as energy development, natural resources, environment, war and peace, health, recreation, transportation, and education. Few conferences addressing these issues concern themselves with space, and the Project is pursuing these new venues. Remember, we must make space relevant to every facet of society.
  3. Press Releases / Commentary – Prepare and distribute press releases and Op-Eds related to the human settlement and development of space, and our proposed strategy for achieving this.
  4. Space Settlement Summit – Host the annual Space Settlement Summit for opinion leaders, space advocacy organization leaders, and select space industry organizations to evaluate progress towards achieving the project’s goals, and consider changes to our strategies.