A Remarkable Experience in DC

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A Remarkable Experience in DC

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 5 Comments

I had a remarkable experience in DC last week. I went down to join Ed Wright, six of the seven Pathfinder teachers and a couple of other Advocates to brief some key Congressional and Senate offices.  Aside from expressing our enthusiasm for the proposed NASA budget and the need to fix the ITAR mess, our…

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Change is Coming to NASA Space Launch

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 3 Comments

Change is coming to the US space program. At last! Real, dramatic and tangible change in both its effect and the course it will create in this nation’s future in space. It is long past time for us to try something different, as what we have been doing in our human space program since Apollo has been a failure of epic proportions.

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Trying the Tried and True

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 4 Comments

I’ve been thinking about Rick’s post here on how “the agency which is supposed to be challenging the edge is taking so much heat for trying something new” and I’m wondering if we aren’t helping our opponents by accepting that there is anything “new” involved in the proposed NASA budget. Think about it.  The “untried”…

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The Battle for a New Space Age Begins

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 19 Comments

Isn’t it ironic that the agency which is supposed to be challenging the edge is taking so much heat for trying something new? I find myself teetering between laughter,  slipping into a Lewis Black moment and fear that this tiny step towards a pro-frontier space policy will be slaughtered the same way so many good…

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They Are Not All Shills

Opinion, Our Policy Voice | 11 Comments

Over the last week or so a number of people, including me, have pointed out that much of the dissembling about the proposed NASA budget is being done by people with a financial and/or political interest in maintaining the status quo.  It has been particularity disturbing how often those representing vested interests fail to disclose…

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We Need Your Money; We Need Your Time

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The Space Frontier Foundation is an incubator for people, organizations, and ideas.

By giving responsibility to talented young people, we help them prove themselves and learn skills they need to pursue careers advancing NewSpace. Former key volunteers are now working throughout the NewSpace community, in commercial space, and in government leadership positions.

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