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There Is Another Way

An Approach to Sustainable Exploration and Development of Space

Outlined in the video above is a possible path forward for space exploration and settlement.  Settlement because it is a worthy goal and settlement because it is the only way to explore on a reasonable NASA budget. The entire point of this exercise is that NASA is capable of doing something great, while what it is doing now is a waste.

Without a goal and a strategy the talented work force of NASA and the tax payer dollars are being squandered on ‘running in place’ projects like the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion.  These systems are not sustainable, do not lead to space settlement, break faith with the flexibility and talent of the NASA workforce and waste money competing with the commercial sector who should be their partners.
Instead of this go-nowhere-stay-nowhere ‘strategy’, NASA should be given the freedom and vision to pursue the already fruitful partnerships with the commercial space industry and return to blazing the trail and igniting the imagination of the nation and the world.  There is another way.