SFF Projects

The Space Frontier Foundation implements projects that meet its vision of expanding human colonization throughout the solar system and the commercialization of space.

Active Projects

The current portfolio of projects being pursued by the Foundation include:

NewSpace Business Plan Competition – Helping entrepreneurs create NewSpace start-ups and firms that develop supporting, problem-solving, and game-changing technologies in support of the NewSpace industry.

NewSpace Conference – Three-day event that focuses on the current, near term, and future potential and challenges of the emerging commercial space industry.

NewSpace Directory – An informal directory of companies and individuals associated with NewSpace, providing a broad view of this space industry segment.

High Frontier Book Distribution – Distributing The High Frontier to college students interested in space settlement.

Keep The Promise – Holding Congress accountable for their promise to support the commercial space industry, as dictated in our National Space Policy.

NewSpace News – All the latest news on the movements of the NewSpace industry.

High Frontier Book Marketing Project – Honoring the never-ending promise SFF made back in 1989, this project is dedicated to disseminating the vision of Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill as described in the book The High Frontier. We remain committed to keeping this important book available indefinitely.

The Watch – Similar to the book Return to the Moon, by Rick Tumlinson & Erin Medlicott, SFF is currently writing and publishing an e-book on Near-Earth Objects (NEO’s).

International Association of Space Entrepreneurs (IASE) – Creating and cultivating a community focused on the entrepreneurial activities associated with space.

Space Settlement – A project focused on bringing the topic of space settlement back into the public eye, and influencing the current political mindset, changing it from something that is “far off in the future” into something we can actively pursue right now.


Future Planned Projects

Below is a list of projects the Foundation is planning to begin or re-kindle in the near future.

Space Solar Power – There are 6 billion human beings inhabiting this living world. Six billion humans who place demands on this Earth. Humans who want the Western standard-of-living and who justifiably want all the conveniences of modern life. A fundamental challenge in this century is how to provide for the world’s growing energy needs. In meeting this challenge, it is vital that we protect the Earth’s fragile biosphere. Space Solar Power, or SSP, may be part of the energy solution. SSP could be an environmentally friendly economical energy producing technology that simultaneously promotes the human realization that the Earth is an open system and the human settlement of space. SFF is currently seeking funding & a Project Manager.

Space Ventures / TEDxMidTownNY – A multidisciplinary presentation / discussion series, featuring speakers who are actively engaged in the advancement of field research, exploration, and opening the space frontier. SFF is currently seeking funding & a Project Manager.

To donate funds or volunteer to help kickstart these projects, please contact our Leadership.

Past Completed Projects

For a complete list of projects completed by the Foundation, please visit our Completed Projects Archive Page here.


Project Volunteers

The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) requires many volunteers to implement its projects and programs. To determine how you can help please contact us directly.