About the Foundation

We are transforming space from a government- owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to people. We are determined to convert the image held by many young people that the future will be worse than the present, and we reject the idea that the world’s greatest moments are in its past.

Founded in 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation is an advocacy organization committed to realizing the vision of a greatly expanded and permanent human presence in space. Space alone offers the resources necessary to ensure the survival and prosperity of our species for numerous generations to come. To realize this vision, the Foundation is fundamentally transforming the conception of space as the exclusive domain of government and government affiliated organizations into a widely accessible frontier ripe with opportunity. Read about our founding and history.

Through conferences, speakers, policy papers, awards and prizes, and nationally recognized projects, the Space Frontier Foundation is actively advancing the cause of “NewSpace,” the term which has come to represent space infused with the spirit of entrepreneurial-ism and the free market. Learn more about NewSpace.

The Space Frontier Foundation is composed of a diverse, multinational array of space activists, expert scientists and engineers, media and political professionals, entrepreneurs, and passionate citizens. You too can be a part of the Space Frontier Foundation. Find out how.


The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible.

Our goals include protecting the Earth’s fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space.

Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

Space Frontier Foundation Credo (pdf)

Our Leadership

The Foundation is steered by a Board of Directors who are elected each year by our Advocates at our annual NewSpace Conference.

The Foundation is also shaped by the contributions of individuals from the media, entertainment industry, and the space, engineering, and science communities. Our Advisers share with us their ideas on policy, strategy and/or operations, and keep us informed about new developments and targets of opportunity from their own unique vantage points.

Daily operations are handled by our dedicated Staff, Officers, Project Managers, and Regional Coordinators.

The Advocates are the heart of the Space Frontier Foundation. Each year, at the Foundation’s annual business meeting (held in conjunction with our annual conference), the Advocates elect the Board of Directors for the following year. The newly elected Board then elects officers for the following year, including President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Annual Awards

The Space Frontier Foundation bestows annual awards to space activists who have made, in the Foundation’s view, the greatest contributions that year to opening the frontier. Categories include Service to the Frontier, Vision to Reality, Vision of the Future and Best Presentation of Space. A special award, The Founder’s Award, is given to honor a space activist for overall and long-term achievement. The awards are presented at the Foundation’s annual conference each year, during the awards banquet.

History of the Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation was created in 1988 by a group of space community leaders who were dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. These individuals have a long history of both professional and volunteer-based involvement in space research, policy and public outreach. Read more about our founders and history.

Frontier Enabling Test

Created early on in the history of the Foundation, the Frontier Enabling Test is an original document that provides a basis for assessing space systems, technologies, and policies from both government and commercial entities. The Frontier Enabling Test is used to determine whether advances in space technology and policy serves the ultimate purpose of expanding the presence of human beings in space.

Settlement Enabling Test

Created in 2012, the Settlement Enabling Test is a tool that evaluates a proposed government program, policy or regulation to assess the extent to which it is “Settlement-Enabling.” Listed as a series of detailed questions, applying this test results in a data-backed report that the Foundation then uses to form the collective opinion on a proposed government program, policy, or regulation.