SFF Projects

The Space Frontier Foundation implements projects that meet its vision of expanding human colonization throughout the solar system and the commercialization of space.

Active Projects

The current portfolio of projects being pursued by the Foundation include:

NewSpace Business Plan Competition – Helping entrepreneurs create NewSpace start-ups and firms that develop supporting, problem-solving, and game-changing technologies in support of the NewSpace industry.

NewSpace Conference – Three-day event that focuses on the current, near term, and future potential and challenges of the emerging commercial space industry.

March Storm – Every March, Space Frontier Foundation & National Space Society jointly leads a grassroots Congressional campaign to brief 200-250 representatives on the issues that matter most to the emerging commercial space industry & the greater space settlement movement.

NewSpace Awards Gala – Dubbed “The Academy Awards of Space” this is the black-tie awards gala that celebrates the leaders and paradigm changers of the space industry.

NewSpace News – All the latest news on the movements of the NewSpace industry, sent directly to your email inbox monthly via an email & online newsletter.

Student Business Plan Competition – Held in partnership with the Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS), this project helps college students take their bright entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into real space companies through a competition for real cash prizes.

The Policy Beat – Our bi-weekly newsletter giving you the latest updates in space politics and DC happenings.

Space Settlement – A project focused on bringing the topic of space settlement back into the public eye, and influencing the current political mindset, changing it from something that is “far off in the future” into something we can actively pursue right now.

Past Completed Projects

For a complete list of projects completed by the Foundation, please visit our Completed Projects Archive Page here.

Project Volunteers

The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) requires many volunteers to implement its projects and programs. To determine how you can help please contact us directly.